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Hudson River Inlay Collectibles | Marquetry (Wood Inlay) Pictures

We have been receiving many enquiries from folks who would like to know what their older Hudson River Inlay Marquetry or Wood Inlay artwork is currently worth.

This is referred to as the “secondary market” (previously purchased) and we at Barouke are not in the secondary market business at this time. However, we do notice that there is a lot of activity on EBay for these collectibles.

Jeff Nelson of Hudson River Inlay (New York) has been crafting marquetry pictures and mirrors since the 1970s. In the 1980s he began adding wood inlay or marquetry to accent furniture–console tables, coffe tables, end tables, musical instruments and larger surfaces including flooring and furniture. Owing to the recent downturn in the economy, and the economics of size, he has retired the smaller marquetry artwork (6″x 9″ and 9″ x 12″ pictures) to concentrate on making larger pieces.

Certain small marquetry pictures may still be available (9″ x 12″) at certain larger craft galleries – As far as we are aware, the approximate original retail price of the 6″ x 9″s was $50.00 and up (no new ones available) and 9″ x 12″s $80.00 and up (2008-2009) when available. Authentic Hudson River Inlay Pictures are almost always signed “J. Nelson” (Jeffery Allan Nelson). There will also most likely be a legend on the back of these pieces listing the wood species, the country of origin for each wood, the location of each species in the picture ande also the name and product number specific to each piece.

For customers who recently requested information on the ‘Wood Driver’ picture – this was produced mid 1980s to the 1990s | ‘Flying Duck’ – was produced mid 1980s to 1990s .

We might be discussing Hudson River artwork in more detail later on depending on your feedback.

22 comments to Hudson River Inlay Collectibles | Marquetry (Wood Inlay) Pictures

  • Deb

    I have a 38 x 28 wood inlay picture signed Nelson in lower right hand corner and on back in pencil says Full Sail , Creative Woods Ossining NY. Because it has no legend attached & not signed J. Nelson would I assume this is not authentic?

  • Looking for info on Trout # 76. And Salmon . No number. A gift . These are awesome and would like information on their history and value

  • Hello Maria,
    Please ignore my earlier response.
    All Hudson River Inlay pieces are usually signed by Jeff Nelson at the bottom right corner of the piece. Your piece seems to have been signed by a different artist…

  • Thank you for visiting. However, We are not familiar with this particular piece. Please contact Pippa at Hudson River Inlay. You’ll find her contact at

  • Thank you for contacting us. We have never sold any copies of the piece in question. Please contact Pippa at for further information. Please visit our Facebook page should you have any further questions.

  • Please contact Pippa at the Hudson River Inlay. You’ll find her contact at
    We also have a local craftsman who might be able to assist you in restoring this piece to its original condition.

  • Maria D

    Hi. I have a large piece of what I believe is the Brooklyn Bridge with the NY
    Skyline in the background. The piece was given to my father years ago. It is signed Seivad. Do you know anything about this?
    Or can you tell me where to search?
    Is this a Hudson River piece?

  • ona bernstein

    Hi…I have several pictures from your company that were bought many years ago. During a recent move, one piece got scratched and am wondering if there is anything I can do, to rectify this. Many thanks

  • Linda

    I have a inlay picture of “hilltop Couple” Hudson River Inlay…..signed “nelson”. I bought this picture many years ago at an arts and craft show in Smyrna GA…I can find nothing on this….can you give me any information you have? Thanks

  • yes, I have a Hudson River inlay #230 for sale if any one knows someone looking for one it is Duck in Flight beautiful picture all the information on the back of what kind of wood was used and is in great condition.. have seen them on ebay for 200.00 will take best offer please email.. if interested thank you

  • i have a wood piece called the saguaro cactus could you tell me about this

  • Todd Schnitzler

    I have an “OWL” Hudson River Inlay that I am curious about.



  • Kathy Ebert

    I have two Jeffrey Nelson pieces, signed on the back 1988-hot air balloons. I’ve been on e-bay and several other sites, but have not seen the hot air balloon design. I love the work and not really looking to sell, just wanted to know the value.

  • Unfortunately we have no info. on this company at this time. Hopefully you will be able to receive some feedback from our readers.

  • Hello Karen,
    What is the name and number of the piece? This information is listed on the legend attached to the back of the piece. The following link might be of some help:

  • Sorry, we are totally sold out of our “Pelican” pictures by Hudson River Inlay. However, I would suggest you check with Ebay from time to time. Hopefully one of our members will be able to direct you to a possible source.

  • Looking to purchase pelican picture. please contact if you have one you wish to sell. thanks.

  • Karen speck

    I have a hummingbird feeding on a flower. There are 2 blossoms and leaves on the bottom. It is signed “Nelson”. The hummingbird head and back are maple dyed green from USA.
    Is there a appro. Price of this picture? Hoping to hear from you.
    Thank you Karen Speck

  • Jan Spears

    I have a wood inlay picture of an english sitter and a pheasant #7 . from Kochton co. in chicago Ill.around 1946 thecompany was established. do you know anything about this

  • Hope this helps. Please see the followings link for some information on German artists, Buchschmid & Gretaux (BG) marquetry pieces :

    It would be a good idea for you to post your enquiry on our Facebook page. You might be able to garner valuable information through discussions. Thanks for contacting us.

  • Hello Julie A.,

    As I recall, the pictures of that size made by Hudson River Inlay during the time period you specified, require a dab of mineral or possibly lemon oil applied with a soft cloth whenever needed.
    However, I would confirm this with Hudson River Inlay. Pippa has informed me that she will be delighted to answer any questions you might have.
    Also mention that these pictures were made in 1983 (pictures made later had a different finish). I will email you her contact information. Feel free to post any further comments or questions on this subject here. Thank you for visiting us–Merry Christmas !


    Marquetry Pictures New Bulletin:

  • Julie Arney

    Hello, I have 3 Jeff Nelson pieces. All are framed with the inlay size 10.5 x 8 and the legend is listed on the back. All 3 are signed and dated 1983. They were handed down from a family member. If available, i would like to know how to care for the art work and an estimated value.
    Each piece is a different flying duck. They do not have any paint or coloring. Please contact me if you have any suggestions of where i could find answers if you are unable. Greatly appreciative! Julie A.

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