February 2010
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Mineral Oil Wood Finish – The Very Best!

Have you ever wondered what is the secret behind the extremely smooth lustrous finish of a David Yeatts creation? Well I had a chat with David quite recently and he was more than happy to share some of his wood finishing techniques with me.

Let’s say for example, you would like to apply the perfect finish to a lovely wood bowl you have just finished turning on a lathe–well not so fast,  power up that tool once more–you will need to do some power sanding as follows:

  1. Power sand on lathe using 80 grit paper all the way up to 180 grit.
  2. Remove bowl from the lathe.
  3. Hand-sand but this time use 150 grit paper working all the way up to 400  grit.
  4. Now turn bowl around, place on vacuum chuck and sand using 80 grit paper all the way up to 180 grit then hand-sand using 150 grit working up to 400 grit once more.
  5. Placing the bowl on a work bench, wet bowl down to raise the grain.
  6. Place Abralon pads on an orbital sander and start sanding again this time using 180-360-500 and lastly 1000 grits.
  7. Apply 1st coating of mineral oil to the entire bowl and let dry for 24 hours.
  8. Sand bowl using Abralon pads 260-500 and finally 1000 grits.
  9. Apply 2nd coat of mineral oil to the bowl.
  10. Test your finish by placing a gnat on the bowl at an angle. If this gnat slides off and break his legs then you’ve applied the perfect finish to your bowl.

We will be happy to answer any questions (courtesy of David Yeatts) you might have about this article but through this blog only.

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2 comments to Mineral Oil Wood Finish – The Very Best!

  • Meredith,
    Hopefully your goblets are made from a hardwood and not a soft wood. The best food safe finish for hardwoods continue to be mineral oil. It will not leave an odor ar taste in wine. Apply generously when goblet is dry and wipe any excess with paper towel. Let stand for one day before use. This has worked for us. We hope it works for you too—Thanks for your comment.

  • Meredith Walker

    What finish can be used on the interior of wooden goblets that will not leave a smell or taste in wine?


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