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For the love of the art…

Ambrosia Maple Bowl

Artist: David yeatts

This bowl was hand-turned from prime stock of Ambrosia Maple. David Yeatts is famous for his meticulous work as a woodturner. In the above image, his amiable personality shines through his work.

For those of you who are not familiar with Ambrosia Maple– this is weakend, dead, dying or untreated maple that has been attacked by the ambrosia beetle. This beetle is of the weevil family. It chews its way through the wood creating a series of winding tunnels known as galleries or cradles. These galleries serve as a breeding ground for fungi which is the sole souce of food for the ambrosia beetle.

The tell-tale marks that the ambrosia beetle leaves behind are the distinctive blue, grey and black figuring on the wood which can also be identified by the entrance holes in these areas. The above image is a fine specimen of a salad bowl made from highly figured Ambrosia Maple which is not to be confused with Spaulted Maple.

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